What Color Shirt Goes with Khaki Pants? Get the Best Outfit Ideas Here

What Color Shirt Goes with Khaki Pants

What color shirt goes with khaki pants? We’re answering this age-old color coordination question once and for all. Selecting the perfect outfit comes down to details like season, formality, and personal style preferences. But one detail that stays consistent across these practical decision-making factors is color coordination.

No matter what the occasion or time of year, there are certain colors that will not only look better together but will also compliment your specific skin tone. The sections below will give you all the insight and outfit ideas you need to feel more confident getting ready each day, and you won’t have to ask yourself what color shirt goes with khaki pants again.

Best Shirt Colors for Khaki Pants

Knowing the right color shirt to match with each pair of khaki pants is the easiest way to put a great outfit together, regardless of the occasion. Below are our favorite colors to wear with a pair of khakis. Each of these color suggestions can be dressed up or down depending on the type of shirt you choose and your personal style preferences.

White shirt with Khaki Pants

White Shirt

You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. Both white T-shirts and white button-up shirts look great with khaki pants. The best part is that white pairs well with all various shades of khaki.

Light khaki pants with a white shirt can look very monochromatic and simple, whereas a white shirt with darker khakis can create a striking look. A white and khaki is a great foundation for an outfit if you like to mix bold colors into your look with accessories or other layers like jackets.

Blue Shirt

Depending on the shades, cut, and patterns you wear, hues of blue and khaki are some of the most versatile color combinations. From timeless traditional to light and airy, there are a lot of different looks that can be achieved with these two colors. A navy blue cable knit sweater with a pair of khaki trousers is a great outfit that can be both professional and cozy. A denim shirt in various shades of blue worn with khaki pants is perfect for casual occasions. Blue is also a great color for formal occasions. Having a few blue dress shirts for business meetings and special occasions is a great thing to do.

Black Shirt

A black shirt with a pair of khaki pants is a classic color combination that will always look good. When matching black shirts with khaki pants, many different outfit looks can be created by wearing clothes with more or less contrast. A black leather jacket pairs well with a black shirt and khaki pants for an edgier look. A black blouse or button-down shirt with khaki pants can transition seamlessly from work to a dinner date or a night out with friends. Add statement jewelry and elegant footwear for a chic finish.

Pink Shirt

A soft pastel pink shirt with khaki pants emanates a gentle and fresh look, perfect for spring or a beachside vacation. On the other hand, a bright or hot pink shirt can infuse energy and vibrancy into your outfit, making it suitable for casual gatherings and social events. For a more versatile and understated look, pair a light salmon or coral pink shirt with light or medium khaki pants for a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Deep or dusty rose shirts are great when you want to achieve a subtle and elegant aesthetic, making them great colors for semi-formal occasions.

Aegean teal color palette

Green Shirt

A light mint green shirt, combined with khaki pants, creates a fresh and airy ensemble that’s perfect for warmer months and casual outings. For this color shirt, wear khaki that has cool undertones and is a medium to light shade.

On the other hand, a deep forest green shirt can lend a touch of sophistication and richness to your khaki outfit, making it an excellent choice for more formal occasions.

Olive green shirts work wonderfully with khaki, creating an earthy and timeless look that’s ideal for both casual and semi-formal settings.

Olive green pairs best with a medium to dark shade of khaki pants. For a bold and energetic vibe, opt for a bright emerald green shirt with cool-tone khaki pants in light to medium shades like bone, almond, and wheat.

Dark Grey Shirt

A charcoal grey or slate grey button-down shirt with khaki pants can give off a minimalist and modern vibe. Consider adding a slim leather belt and sleek, minimalistic accessories to enhance the contemporary feel. A heather grey or light grey crew-neck or V-neck t-shirt with khaki denim creates a laid-back and comfortable style aesthetic. This combo is ideal for casual outings, whether you’re strolling in the park or meeting friends for brunch. Sneakers or casual loafers complete the relaxed look.

Beige Shirt

A light beige linen or cotton button-down shirt paired with khaki chinos is perfect for a day at the beach, a summer picnic, or a laid-back weekend outing. Roll up the sleeves and wear with espadrilles or slip-on sneakers for a fresh look that is perfect for the summer months. Neutral-colored shirts with khaki pants will create a visual column of color. This monochromatic look can make you appear taller and slimmer when paired with a well-tailored jacket of a darker color over top.

One of my favorite looks is a beige-colored tank top with khaki pants, a navy blue blazer and a pair of flats or loafers. On the other hand, a beige or khaki shirt can create a rustic and outdoorsy aesthetic. This combination is excellent for camping trips, hiking, or exploring the great outdoors. Complete the look with rugged boots, a wide-brimmed hat, and durable accessories.

Burgundy Shirt

A burgundy turtleneck shirt paired with a rich color khaki trousers exudes a chic and cozy aesthetic. This combination is perfect for the fall or winter, providing both warmth and style. Add a blazer or a stylish overcoat for extra sophistication, and complete the look with leather boots. A burgundy henley or plaid shirt combined with khaki chinos or jeans offers a more relaxed and slightly vintage style aesthetic.

More Tips for Making Color Choices

Khaki is a great neutral color to have in your wardrobe. Just like grey pants, khaki comes in many different shades and tones. Distinguishing between warm and cool tones makes finding the perfect color combination easy.

Knowing some basic color theory principles and taking a look at a color wheel can help you make more informed color choices, but at the end of the day, it’s all about your personal preference and what makes you feel your best. Experimenting with different color choices allows you to personalize your khaki pants outfit to suit your style and mood, making it fun to get dressed.

Beige color palette

Lighter shades of khaki, such as stone or sand, pair beautifully with light colors and pastels like soft pink, mint green, or powder blue, creating a fresh and airy look.

Medium khaki shades work well with richer, darker colors like burgundy, navy, or olive, adding depth and contrast to the outfit.

Darker shades of khaki, such as taupe or coffee, can be matched with bold and vibrant hues for a striking effect or with earthy tones like deep green and rusty orange for a harmonious and grounded appearance.n

In addition to shades, color temperatures play a crucial role in achieving a harmonious and balanced look.

Cooler shades of khaki tend to work best with cool colors, and warmer shades of khaki tend to work best with warm colors. n

If you’re interested in a deeper dive into creating your personal color capsule wardrobe, check out our article here.

Types of khaki Pants

Khaki pants are extremely versatile. With the exception of specialty fabrics like wool or linen, khaki pants can usually be worn all year and with a variety of different plain shirts or dress shirts. This makes picking what color shirt goes with khaki pants that much easier.

what color goes with khaki pants

Khaki Shorts

Each shirt color that coordinates with khaki pants can also be worn with khaki shorts. However, khaki shorts usually create a more casual look depending on their length and cut. So when deciding what color shirt goes with khaki pants best, opt for lighter softer colors for warmer seasons when you might wear shorts.

Trouser-style khaki shorts can be styled in a more elevated way, suitable for work, whereas heavy canvas khakis are better for weekend chores.

Khaki Trousers

Having a pair of khaki dress pants for formal occasions is a great option for every closet. Trousers can come in light or heavy-weight material, depending on the season you’re shopping for. The hem length and silhouette should also be considered when picking khaki trousers for your wardrobe.

Khaki Chinos

Chino pants are a classic wardrobe staple. They can be worn in different ways for different occasions. They’re perfect for work and general everyday wear, depending on the style of shirt you choose to pair with them. Tshirts and sweatshirts for more casual outfits and polos or button-downs for more business casual or formal settings

Khaki Suit

A khaki suit is a great choice for a business meeting. During the summer months, pair your suit with a white dress shirt for a refined and classic look. In the fall, you might consider pairing the same suit with other neutral-colored shirts or a burgundy button-up shirt for a richer look.

what goes with khaki pants

Shoes to Wear with Khakis

After you’ve picked what color shirt goes with khaki pants, it’s time to consider shoes. When deciding which color shoes to wear with khaki pants, consider the occasion, time of day, and the overall style you want to achieve. The color of the shoes should harmonize with the khaki’s neutral tone.

Classic choices include brown, tan, or even navy, as they create a sophisticated contrast without overwhelming the outfit. Other shoe colors to consider include black, white, and burgundy. Matching the color and different styles of shoes will play a big part in the overall look of your outfit.

Finally, consider the occasion – sleek leather dress shoes work well for formal events, while a canvas pair of sneakers or casual slip-ons are ideal for a more laid-back vibe. Pairing black shoes or brown shoes with khakis is always a good choice for creating a timeless look.

Whether it’s a business meeting, a casual day out, or a semi-formal dinner, the right shoes can elevate your khaki pants outfit to the next level of style and comfort.

What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants By Season

Spring and Summer Looks

A light blue striped button-down shirt with khaki pants offers a preppy and polished style aesthetic.

Polo Shirts can be worn throughout the year with khaki shorts or pants. They’re great for great business or casual outfits.

A Graphic T with chino shorts and sneakers for the weekend

what color goes with khaki

Fall and Winter Outfits

A Leather jacket is a great fall or winter layer that looks sharp with khaki chinos or trousers.

Year Round Outfit Ideas with Khaki Pants

Denim Jackets look great over a white t-shirt and khaki pants or shorts, making it an easy outfit that can be worn year-round.

Crop tops with khaki cargo pants have also become a recent trendy favorite.

Khaki Pant FAQ’s

What color shirt goes best with tan pants?

The easiest and most classic shirt colors for tan pants are black, white, grey, and blue. These colors can be used almost interchangeably with every shade of tan pants. 

Does a beige shirt go with khaki pants?

Yes, Since both beige and khaki are neutral colors, they complement each other nicely and create a monochromatic or tonal outfit, which can be sophisticated and versatile.

Can I wear a dress shirt with khakis?

Yes, a dress shirt with khaki pants is a good option for everyday workwear and can be dressed up for more formal events, too. As a general rule, it is a good idea to wear lighter-colored dress shirts in the warmer months and dark color shirts in the cooler months. n

What color shirt goes with khaki pants for a female?

The same shirt and khaki pant color combo that works for men also works for women and kids too. This is good news if you’re in charge of making style decisions for the whole family or trying to coordinate outfits for family photos.

Final Thoughts on What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants

The best color shirts for khakis are:
Burgundy or Red

Keep in mind how you combine different colors with khaki pants will vary depending on the shade and tone of the color and your khaki pants. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors or patterns, as they can add a lot of interest and diversity to your wardrobe.

Khaki pants are a classic wardrobe staple that is here to stay and only growing more popular. Choosing the right style and cut of pants for your body type is the best way to elevate your style with every outfit. 

Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look, to make a bold statement, or to exude a touch of elegance, the key is to match your khaki pants and shirt color with the occasion and your personal style.

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