What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants? Unique Outfit Ideas

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants

If black and white are the easiest colors to style, grey is close behind. But many still wonder what color shirt goes best with grey pants. The various shades of grey create different styles depending on the other colors they’re paired with. There is a shade of every color that will look best with a particular shade of grey pants.

When determining these pairings, It’s recommended to match warm tones with warm tones and cool with cool. Color contrast is another aspect to keep in mind when picking your favorite outfits to ensure the colors work together harmoniously. It is easy to find ways to work grey into your personal style and capsule wardrobe, whether you dress for casual occasions or formal events.

Take a deep dive into color theory, or skip straight to outfit photos for inspiration. Whether you need a little inspiration or a lot of guidance, we’ve covered it all. After reading this article, you’ll never have to wonder what color shirt goes with grey pants.

Best Shirt Colors for Grey Pants


Neutral-Colored Shirts

Neutral tones with grey will be your most versatile option for an outfit color scheme.


Pairing a black shirt with grey pants offers a multitude of style options. For a classic and formal look, a black dress shirt with charcoal grey dress pants, accessorized with a black tie and leather dress shoes, exudes timeless sophistication. For a more casual look, consider a black graphic T-shirt with medium grey jeans and sneakers.

White shirt with grey pants


You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. This is still true when you wear one with grey pants and layer with a denim jacket for casual events.

A white button-up shirt is also a popular choice for business meetings and formal occasions.

Having a white and grey outfit base allows you to mix in a variety of other colors through your accessories and layers.


A great fall look is to pair a beige sweater with medium to dark grey pants. This cozy combination creates a simple but elegant look. A beige silk blouse with light grey slacks and nude pumps, suitable for the office or special events.


Grey on grey can create a great monochromatic look; however, matching grey shades is an expert skill. Unless you buy your grey shirt and pants at the same time, it will be very difficult to get a match that blends seamlessly. Having greys that are too close but not a match can be a poor style choice.

Grey Pants With Warm Colors

Grey slacks


For a sophisticated and business-ready ensemble, try a deep red blouse with charcoal pants, complemented by a black blazer and heeled black pumps or black leather shoes.

For a more relaxed and casual vibe, a maroon sweatshirt with heather grey joggers and white sneakers offers both comfort and style. To dress this look up, you could easily swap the joggers for medium gray chinos.


To create a playful and vibrant ensemble, pair a coral or peachy orange tank top with dark grey skinny jeans and platform sandals, adding a few colorful accessories for a fun summer-ready look. For a chic and stylish fall outfit, try a burnt orange blouse with charcoal grey slacks, accessorize with statement jewelry, and wear suede ankle boots.


For a more sophisticated and elegant ensemble, choose a mustard-yellow silk blouse with charcoal grey dress trousers and black heels, suitable for a business-casual setting or an evening event. To create a bright and summery look, try a lemon-yellow blouse paired with light grey linen pants with white sandals.

Grey Pants with Cool-Colored Shirts


A sage green blouse with light grey pants and nude flats makes for an effortlessly chic outfit perfect for work or a casual brunch. Another great color combination is a bold emerald green polo with chinos complemented by white sneakers for a fresh pop of color.

For colder months, an olive green sweater with warmer grey wool trousers looks elegant and sophisticated. A green shirt with a floral print paired with grey jeans is also a great weekend look that can be worn year-round by adding a warm jacket as needed.

Green is one of those colors that can be warm with yellow or brown undertones or cool with blue or grey undertones, so take a close look at the type of green you’re pairing with your grey pants.

Grey pants blue shirt


For a classic and formal look, wear a navy shirt with charcoal grey dress pants. For a classic but more casual look, consider a light blue and white striped shirt with either grey chinos or jeans.

White, black, or brown shoes can be worn with these looks, but balancing the contrast between the colors will determine whether an outfit looks great or clashes. Navy blue is unique in that it can look good with both dark shades and light shades of grey, depending on the occasion.


The combination of purple tops and grey pants is a trendy and versatile choice for both men’s and women’s wardrobes. The looks you can achieve with this color combination can be subtle and muted or bright and bold, depending on your personal preference. A mauve sweater will look best with a lighter shade of grey pants, whereas a vibrant royal purple blouse is balanced best by a darker shade of grey slacks.

10 Grey Pants & Shirt Color Combination by Occasion

To see all the best outfit inspiration, take a look at our Timeless Fashion Pinterest board and make sure to follow us for updates.

Wear to Work Ideas

1. A lavender top and a pair of dark grey trousers make a perfect combination to wear at the office. This color palette looks great during the colder months and early spring.

2. Light blue shirt with light to medium grey trousers.

3. Black Shirt with Dark Grey pants & Black leather shoes

Dark Grey Pants

Smart Casual Wear

Elevated pink puff sleeve sweatshirt with grey dress pants and burgundy boots. A pink shirt is a good choice for both men and women. A common men’s outfit is to pair a pink buttondown shirt with a pair of medium to light grey chinos.

After Hours

Crisp white dress shirt with grey jeans, black slingback pumps, and satchel bag.

Formal Occasions

Pink silk or chiffon top with satin grey pants.

Classic Looks

One of my favorite color combinations is to pair warm gray pants with a neutral color like a beige or camel color top, as shown below. These colors create such a timeless look that works well nearly all year.

Weekend Casual

Classic white t-shirt, grey barrel leg pants with black leather jacket and shoes.

Cozy cream sweater, straight-leg grey jeans, and black dress boots

what color shirt goes with grey pants

Comfy Casual

Monochromatic light grey matching set.

Elevated grey knits with heels give this casual outfit a refined and classy overall look.

Another popular long-layered cozy look is the long coat with grey sweatpants. When it comes to styling, athleisure monochromatic is definitely the dominant base style, but many add a pop of color with their long puffer, trench, or wool coat over top. This look is popular with both men and women.

Grey sweatpants with a taupe double-breasted wool coat and comfy brown boots create a warm vibe for chilly winter days.

Picking your Favorite Grey Pant Outfit

Though you may have a few timeless looks you can wear year-round, it is likely you will have seasonal favorites, too.

What goes with grey pants

Occasion and Dress Code:

The material and cut of your grey pants will play a big part in letting to the tone for your outfit. Tight jeans grey will likely give a much more casual look than a pair of plaid grey trousers.

However, the color and style of the shirt and accessories will also impact the formality. As you can see from many of the image examples, current trends mix a lot of classic pieces like trench coats and heels with informal pieces like sweatpants.


Turtle necks, cardigans, and tweed blazers all look sharp with grey pants in the fall or winter but may not be the best go-to choices for the warm weather of spring and summer. For the warmer months, opt for softer pastel colors and light fabrics. Spring and summer are a great time to pair fun patterns with your favorite gray pants.

Comfort and Style:

As our photo inspiration collection above shows, there is a wide variety of styles you can choose when picking the best grey pants outfit. Regardless of season and occasion, you should be able to find a combination of fabrics and the right color paired with your gray pants for a great look.

Shades of Grey Pants & Shirt Colors

Everyone has what’s known as their color season, and each color season looks best in a particular range of colors based on their skin tone, eye, and hair color. If you know your color season, it will help you pick your best combination of grey and shirt colors. But if you’re not sure what a color season is, there are still a few general guidelines to consider when coordinating colors.

5 Color Categories of Grey Pants

Dark grey (charcoal), cool grey (dolphin grey), neutral gray (silver), light gray (dove gray), and warm gray (greige)

Each one of these grey tones coordinates differently with color. Identifying what tone your gray pants are is the best way to ensure a great shirt match and an excellent outfit. Keep reading for guidelines on which types of colors pair best with each grey tone.

What goes with grey pants

Guidelines for Matching Grey with Color

Pastel shades will look best with a lighter shade of grey pants
Bold colors and bright colors coordinate with darker shades of grey pants
Warm shirt tones should also be paired with warm grey tones
Cool shirt tones should be matched with cool grey tones
Understanding how different colors relate to one another on the color wheel will make picking colors for outfits much easier.

Shoes That Pair with Grey Pants:

White Shoes

White sneakers are great for a crisp, clean look. Choosing a white leather sneaker is an excellent choice as they are easy to wipe off and keep looking fresh. White sneakers are a perfect match for nearly every stylish outfit. You can pair white sneakers with light grey pants or a darker grey trouser depending on the occasion.

Black Leather Shoes

Boots, heels, or flats are all staple shoe choices that also pair well with grey pants. Black shoes can be dressed up or down depending on other style characteristics. You can’t go wrong by having a few different black leather shoes in your closet.

Grey pants blue shirt

Maroon or Burgundy Color Shoes

If you’re looking for a unique and sophisticated addition to your wardrobe, consider adding a pair of maroon or burgundy shoes. Loafers or leather dress boots are a great choice for maroon, as they can be worn well with other pant colors and hem lengths you will likely have in your closet.

However, due to the dark shade of these shoes, they may not be well suited for spring and summer occasions.

Brown Shoes

Just like black, brown boots, loafers, heels, or flats all have a place in a well-rounded wardrobe. The challenge comes again when it comes to selecting a specific shade of brown.

Chocolate, cognac, and tan tend to be the most common and versatile color choices that can pair well with grey. But just like matching grey pants with a great colored shirt, pairing warm with warm and cool with cool tones will be important.

Animal Print or Patterns

Leopard print, snakeskin plaid, and more. If you love bright, bold, maximalist style, then having a fun pair of patterned shoes will definitely be a go-to choice for you. Leopard print tends to be the simplest print to pair with gray pants, specifically as a flat or pump. It tends to look great with many different shades of gray. Other patterns may be more challenging if they incorporate other colors, too.

Recommendations for What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants

To recap what we have covered in this article, the best shirt colors that go with grey pants include:

Coordinating shades of colors, fit, and style are the three most important aspects of creating a personalized wardrobe you love that also suits your lifestyle. Having a pair of grey pants in your closet will give you a variety of excellent choices for creating stylish outfits. When you look good, you feel good. But how your outfit feels can also have a big impact on your mood too.

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