Excited for Summertime? Here Are 5 Summer Essentials You Need

Every season, especially summertime, brings a fresh wave of awesome things to do. No matter what your summer bucket list includes, you won’t want to forget these five summer essential items. You’ll be using them all summer long, whether you’re relaxing or chasing thrilling adventures. The truth is you’ll love these items so much you’ll actually be using them for trips and activities all year.

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Best Summer = Outside

At the beach, enjoying a backyard cookout, or heading to the forest for some cool mountain air, chances are you’ll also be bringing some food and drinks. That means you’re going to need a cooler. The tough thing is knowing which type of cooler and what size you need. No worries, we’ve got you covered with our three favorite options below.

The Crowd Pleaser

These coolers are great due to their huge capacity, but that also means they can get heavy fast. But if you’re with your whole crew, it won’t matter, and this cooler will give you plenty of storage for everyone’s favorites.

The Grab & Go

When you’re on the move, it’s great to have a cooler you can easily bring with you. This backpack-style cooler has a surprisingly high capacity and some unique design features to hold all the extra items you may need to bring.

The Day Trip

Cute, easy to carry, and just the right size for you and your bestie to enjoy while hanging out poolside or at a picnic. Smaller coolers like this are also great because they hold their shape without tipping over and can easily be used on road trips, too.

More Summer Essentials to Consider:

Ice Packs

Insulated Water Bottle

Slim Can Coozy

Coozy with Hand Strap

Time to Towel Off

Summer fun usually means there’s water. Make sure you have a great beach towel on hand to dry off with before heading to your next thing.

Something Plush

Who doesn’t love wrapping up in a super soft oversized beach towel? If you’re a fan, these towels are just the thing.

Quick Dry & Easy to Pack

also easy to clean! These microfiber towels are great for just about any setting. Muddy, sweaty post-hike mess or sand-covered kids, these towels will wick away moisture and be ready for your next adventure after a quick run through the wash.

Other Items to Consider:

Summertime Tote

Enjoy the Sun All Summer

But without the sun in your eyes. Ever wonder why some sunglasses cost so much more than others? Sure, designer brands have something to do with it; however, there’s actually a lot that goes into making a great pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays, fight glare, & look great, too. Check out our favorites below.

Best on The Water

They float! Check out this brand for a variety of frame styles for summertime water activities. They combine the best anti-gare UV protection in an ultralight and stylish frame.

For Adventures

Cycle, run, or jump your way through the summer while keeping your sunnies in place. The wrap-around style of these glasses helps give superior coverage and will stay in place for your most daring adventures.

Classic Style

For a low-key summer, relax by the pool or run errands sipping your favorite iced coffee. These glasses will make a great addition to any summer fit.

Other Summer Essentials to Consider:

eyeglass chain

floating eyeglass strap

Claim your Space

From outdoor concerts to crowded beaches, making room for everyone is a must at any summer bucket list event. Having an easy-to-pack outdoor blanket will make it easy for everyone to enjoy summertime together. All of these options are easily packed up with their own bag or carry strap.

Best in Sand

We like sand like our salt water at the beach. Limit the amount of sand that makes its way home with you by opting for a beach blanket like this one that prevents sand from clinging to it. Its generous size makes offers enough room for everyone to have plenty of space.

All Terrain

This blanket has a little bit of quilted padding to help soften the hard ground when camping or picnicking in the park. It easily rolls up with a convenient carry strap, making it easy to bring wherever you are.

The Classic Look

Not just cute all summer but all year long, This tan gingham pattern is perfect for your insta-worthy outdoor activities in spring, summer, or fall. Go for the classic cottage core picnic vibe with this pick.

Other Items to Consider:

portable sunshade

Beach friendly eReader

Red Face? No Thanks!

Keep cool and protect your face from any unnecessary UV rays this summer with a comfy summer hat. Here’s A Versatile Choice perfect for high ponytails and messy bun lovers. This hat packs well and gives you great coverage while letting your luscious locks flow any way you want. But don’t forget your sun tan lotion spf 30 minimum, too!

An Active Sunhat

Vacation ready, yes, please. You won’t have to worry about this sun hat losing shape on the road. It also has multiple adjustments for holding it in place while staying active.

Perfect for Brunch

And a whole lot more. Looking for something to wear while running errands around town? This hat is a great choice. Not so big that it’s easily windswept or in your way this hat looks cute and deserves more outings than just brunch al fresco.

Now You’re Ready for the Best Summer

Did we mention all these items will last for multiple summers to come? Investing in quality summer essentials like these will ensure you’re always ready for sunshine-filled fun outdoors. So add these to your summer shopping list now. Have fun, and stay hydrated out there! Until next time, we hope you’re simply living happy.

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