Most Wished-For Inexpensive Gifts for Teenage Girls

Finding inexpensive gifts for teenage girls can be a fun and thoughtful endeavor. You can search for affordable gifts in many different ways, like hunting for sales, looking for smaller novelty items, sticking to food gifts, opting for homemade, or gifting something you already have. However, no matter which method you like best, the person you are gifting for will play a huge role in where and what type of presents will make the best gifts.

These gift ideas are ideal for celebrating a special occasion or adding to larger birthday or Christmas gifts. Cheap gifts don’t automatically mean crappy gifts. This gift guide proves that plenty of cool gift items are available at every price point.

Below, we’ve curated a unique list of items based on each gift recipient archetype and included unique tips on finding the best deals on each item this holiday season.

inexpensive gifts for teenage girl

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Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Coming up with great gift ideas for teen and college girls takes thoughtful consideration. It often helps to choose a theme that aligns with your recipient’s interests and preferences. From beauty to tech, stylish and practical, there are many different ways to give gifts that honor a part of her personality.

If you’re inclined towards DIY or handmade gifts, consider crafting items to add a personal touch to your presents. Alternatively, offering the gift of shared experiences can create lasting memories. Ultimately, your thoughtful choice of theme demonstrates who they are to you and that you’ve considered their preferences. It’s always meaningful when you can tell the giver has put a lot of thought into their selection, which means so much more than the gift’s price tag.n

Gifts for the Explorer

She has a sense of adventure and curiosity. She’s likely someone who loves the great outdoors, traveling, and discovering new experiences. Often, she becomes captivated by cultures, languages, and cuisines from around the world and loves to share her fascinating finds with friends and family. Here are a few unique gifts to support her adventurous spirit.

1. Instant Camera Film or Albums
2. Packable Vanity Mirror
3. Journal for All Her Thoughts and Travel Notes
4. National Parks Pass
5. Local Food or Spice Sample
6. Stargazing Guide
7. Keepsake Box for Storing her Little Momentos
8. A Pocket Size Multi-tool
9. Hiking/Athletic Socks
10. Solar Powered Portable Charger

Glamorous & Refined Beauty Gifts

She’s someone who takes great pride in her appearance and enjoys makeup, fashion, and beauty routines. Her style is impeccable, and she appreciates high-quality, luxurious items. She might often be seen in classy ensembles, with a keen eye for the latest beauty trends. This type of girl values self-presentation and finds joy in enhancing her natural beauty with a touch of glamour. These beauty products make a great gift any time of year.

Bath Bombs
Cosmetic Bags
Glass Nail File
Face Masks
Hair Tie and other hair accessories
Lip Gloss
Beauty Blenders
Magnifying Makeup Mirror
Dainty Chain Necklace
Essential Oils
Sunglasses & Sunglass Cases or Straps

Gifts for the Social Butterfly

She’s outgoing, extroverted, and always on the go, attending gatherings, events, and making new friends effortlessly. This type of girl loves to socialize, stay connected, and has a vibrant and energetic personality. She often finds herself at parties, concerts, or social outings, making memories with friends.

Vintage Board Games
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
An Event Planner
Photo Booth Props
A Cute Coaster Set
Reusable Straws
Costume or Statement Jewelry
A Clear Purse – Perfect for concerts and sporting events
Drink Glass Charms
Snack Basket

Tech Minded Gifts

She’s likely to be tech-savvy, with a keen interest in gadgets, coding, or digital creativity. This type of girl is always up to date with the latest apps, software, and devices, and she may have a knack for problem-solving or a desire to make an impact in the tech world. Think tech means expensive? Think again, we have ten inexpensive gifts for teenage girl that are sure to be a hit.

Lap Desk
Video Games
Plush Toys of characters from their favorite shows or games
Graphic Novels
Tech Cleaning Kit
Cable Organizer
Phone Grip or Stand
Tech Magazine Subscription
Themed Laptop Stickers
Gift card to her favorite gaming platform or tech store

Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast

She’s likely to be highly dedicated to her fitness routine, regularly engaging in activities like running, yoga, or strength training. This type of girl values physical well-being, sets goals for her fitness journey, and may even participate in sports or competitions. She’s driven, disciplined, and often seeks opportunities to inspire others to lead healthier lives.

Apple Watch Accessories – A perfect gift to buy on Black Friday or as a group gift if you want to buy the watch too
Water bottle
Gym Towels – even if she already has some, it’s nice to refresh them
Inspirational Books like: Rising Above: Inspiring Women in Sports or Mental Toughness
Foam Roller
Yoga Mat or Blocks
Resistance Bands
Non Damaging Hair Ties & Headbands
Quality Athletic Socks
Nutrition Guide Book

​Did you know books are the most wished-for item across all wish lists? Follow us on GoodReads for more book reccomendations.

Ideas for the Interior Designer

She’s someone who takes pleasure in transforming spaces, personalizing rooms, and following the latest design trends. This type of girl is likely to have a knack for color coordination, furniture arrangement, and an appreciation for art and decor elements.

She often finds joy in curating her living space, creating an environment that reflects her personality and style. The ideas below are fun gifts for a new college student decorating their dorm room or an older teen looking to refresh their room decor.

Gift card, book, home decor, or accessories from Urban Outfitters
Stylish decor for her bedside table – like a candle, fun light or organizer
Art Prints – this can also be a great DIY gift
Decorative Throw Pillows
Photo Frames
String Lights
Interior Design Coffee Table Books
Indoor Plants
Real Touch Fake Flowers
Clear Drawer Organizers

Gifts Everyone Can Use

Gift Card
Phone Case
Reusable Shopping Bag
Cozy Blankets

Tips for More Thoughtful Gifts

Is receiving gifts more your love language? We hear you! Receiving a thoughtful gift is a special way to feel seen and connected to friends and family.

Though it’s always the thought that counts, cultivating a knack for giving gifts that are well-received is a skill. Luckily it’s a skill anyone can learn. Think this sounds tough? Don’t worry. We’ve broken down the method of thoughtful gifting into five simple steps below.

Keep a Gift List

Have a note in your phone with each person you typically buy gifts for each year. When you spend time with each person throughout the year, make notes about things they comment on that they would like, like to do, or find useful.

You can also break your list down by the occasion you buy them gifts for and create budgets accordingly. This helps prevent unexpected overspending when multiple people have birthdays or occasions within the same month.

Don’t be Afraid of a Gift Card

As we get older, the things we tend to really want or need generally come with a higher price tag. Rather than spend hard-earned money on something they might end up donating or throwing away, opt for a gift card with a heartfelt note that you thought it might help them towards their goal to buy X or Do Y.

This is the concement example of the thought that counts. It shows you listen and remember something important to them. They will be moved by the connection rather than the amount gifted.

Buy Sets

During the holidays, many items are sold as sets with a variety of colors or flavors of products. Hot chocolate is a great example, I used to love getting the big packs of Land-o-Lakes hot cocoa from Sam’s or Costco during the colder months. They made the perfect teacher gift or small gift for friends.

Plus, it was a fun way to try all the different flavors. French vanilla and mint were always my favorites. These smaller individual items can be broken up to create multiple gifts for the teen girls or anyone else on your list.


Still feel cringey about gift cards? Why not go in with a few friends and split the cost of a more expensive but great gift idea instead? Group gifts also tend to be well-thought-out, as various perspectives and ideas come together, resulting in a thoughtful and personalized present.

Each person has an opportunity to contribute their unique skill to the process. Some people are great at finding good deals, whereas others are better at wrapping or planning. It’s also never been easier to go in on a group gift than now, with digital payment options making it easy for everyone to contribute their share quickly.

Shop All Year

Yep! When you have a running list of ideas for your most frequently gifted loved ones, you can shop all year and make the most of sales or deals for items on their list.

This is also a favorite trick when you’re in need of a little retail therapy but don’t need or want to buy anything for yourself. Instead, you can do some early present shopping.

Pro tip:

Be mindful of return windows. If you buy too early, they may already have bought the item for themself and will not be able to return the one you purchased. There is, however, often a chance of getting a store credit, so if you’re buying from a brand they’re loyal to, it shouldn’t be an issue either way.

Have a Designated Gift Spot

Pick a discreet closet or space in your home where you can keep gifts without recipients accidentally coming across them and dining their surprise. This will also help you find your earlier purchases.

Another tip is to wrap the item right away. This will help keep it concealed and prevent any last-minute rushing. Presentation can add a lot to the impact a gift will have. Make sure to put a tag or some other marker so you don’t forget who the gift is for.

Bonus tip:

Looking for more inspiration to get your gift idea list going? Take a look around your home and ask yourself these questions.

What are some of the most loved and oldest gifts you received?

What did you love most about them? How long have you had each and why?

Following the tips in this article and asking yourself these questions will surely get your creative gifting thoughts flowing in no time.

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